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Hunt County Theft Reports Scanner Reports for Weekend of April 11th &12th, 2020

by Hunt County Theft Reports


Hunt County Theft Reports Scanner Reports on Weekend of April 11th &12th, 2020:

Neighbor Disturbance- Saturday 7:26 PM

*HCSO units are enroute to CR 2134 for a caller who states the neighbor shot their dog and threw it in the ditch behind their home

*Dispatch received another call from more neighbors stating they are also on CR 2134 and had the subject with the gun tell them to go home

*The subject with the gun has now called dispatch stating he did shoot the dog because it was on his property attacking his dog


Motor Vehicle Accident-Sunday 9:23 AM

Accident on IH 30 around Division Street.

* one female injured

* helicopter on standby

* helicopter Disregard


Card Skimming Device-Sunday 9:34 AM

*HCSO units are enroute to Pritchett Oil off of Hwy 34 for employees advising they found a card skimmer on their gas pumps.


Motor Vehicle Accident-Sunday 5:25 PM

*HCEMS, Campbell Fire & Commerce Rescue units are enroute to I-30 near exit 101 for MVA


Shooting- Sunday 10:23 PM

Road rage on 34 in Quinlan. Vehicle shooting at another vehicle. Black Durango shooting at a white BMW by Boles Homes.

* Officers searching for vehicle

* Vehicle was struck by bullet

* Suspect now in pursuit with police in the area of Beverly Dr & FM 751

* Shooting suspect has got his vehicle stuck on Beverly Dr, Show suspect detained at this time

*Deputy and suspects vehicle stuck. Need wrecker.

*Dispatch advising suspect is listed as a member of the AB Gang

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