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Scams Targeting Stimulus Money

by Hunt County Theft Reports

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office has had an increase in reports of scam’s targeting residents
directly related to the COVID-19 stimulus checks that are being mailed out.

The Sheriff’s Office received a report on April 14 th , 2020 where the potential victim had received
a letter from the Social Security Office thanking him for changing his address. However, this
person had never changed their address and after making contact with the Social Security office
he was able to have it corrected. Additional reports similar to this method have been received
recently and we are asking everyone to be even more vigilant with retaining their personal
identifiers and monitor letters they are receiving through the U.S. Postal Service.

The Sheriff’s Office cautions everyone to remember not to click on suspicious links in their
emails and to be vigilant of information they are sharing over the phone with businesses they
are not familiar with nor have done business with in the past. If you believe that you have been
the subject of Fraud or theft call the Sheriff’s Office at 903-453-6800.

Sheriff Meeks stated: “It’s frustrating that during this National Pandemic people are trying to take
advantage of others, but they are and we need to do everything we can to alert the public when
it happens. Please check on your elderly family members or neighbors as well so they don’t
become victims of these scammers”.

Sheriff Randy Meeks

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