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Hunt County Theft Reports Scanner Reports for Thursday May 7th, 2020

by Hunt County Theft Reports


Hunt County Theft Reports Scanner Reports on Thursday May 7th, 2020


Grass Fire-2:26 pm

Update: Union Valley has received a call from a passerby that the fire has started back up, units are responding to check it out. 16:19

*Union Valley Fire units are enroute to Hwy 276 @ FM 1565 for approximately 5 acres on fire with hay bales burning

*This has been bumped up to a 2nd alarm, Quinlan Fire & Cash Fire will be responding for mutual aid.

*On scene units have this fire under control at this time 15:24

*Fire is out.


Motor Vehicle Accident-4:56 pm

*HCEMS, Quinlan Fire & Cash Rescue units are enroute to Hwy 34 South for a 3 car MVA

*Quinlan Fire units on scene advising 2 cars minor damage, everyone out of the vehicles, Cash Fire can disregard.


Structure Fire-8:55 pm

*Greenville Fire units are enroute to Skyline Dr for a dwelling fire. All occupants are out of the home at this time 20:48

*Units on scene advising the fire is out there was something plastic left on the stove. all incoming units can disregard


Motor Vehicle Accident-8:57 pm

*HCEMS requesting Greenville Fire units to the area of Joe Ramsey Blvd & for a MVA

*On scene units advising this will be 2 cars minor to moderate damage


Wrong Way Driver-10:04 pm

*HCSO units have been notified of a vehicle traveling in the Southbound lanes of HWY 24 going Northbound. They will be headed towards the Commerce area

*Commerce P.D being notified


Tree Fire-11:07 pm

*Greenville Fire units are enroute to Stanford St for a tree fire due to downed power lines.

*Units on scene advising going to have a power line laying across the yard and on a few vehicles with the treeline glowing. Out investigating


Sparking Transformer-11:12 pm

*Campbell Fire units are responding to South Patterson St for a sparking transformer

*Units on scene advising several transformers are sparking at this time, but advising no lines are down


Tree Fire-11:30 pm

*Cash Fire units are enroute to Old Mill Rd @ Bethel Rd for a tree on fire due to power lines


Traffic Light Out-11:36 pm

*HCSO units advising the traffic lights at Hwy 34 & FM 1570 are completely out. Treat this intersection as a 4 way stop until Greenville can get temporary stop signs placed.

Use Caution In The Area

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