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Water Disinfection Switchover Taking Place In Greenville

by Hunt County Theft Reports

GREENVILLE: The City of Greenville’s Water Treatment Plant will temporarily change the
method of disinfection used in its public water supply, beginning Wednesday, June 3rd and will
change back to chloramines on Thursday, July 2nd.

The Water Treatment Plant normally uses chloramine, a mixture of ammonia and chlorine, to
disinfect water. Beginning Wednesday June 3, and for approximately four weeks after, the Water
Treatment Plant will be using chlorine only, also known as “free chlorine.”

The periodic and temporary conversion from chloramines to free chlorine, which is a normal
procedure for water systems, ensures water safety in distribution lines and the highest quality of
drinking water. The Water Department will continue to monitor chlorine levels and water-quality
standards in the distribution system on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the water and that all
state and regulatory standards are met in full.

Free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant than chloramine. As a result, water users may experience a
slight change in the aesthetics of their water during the conversion, including noticeable “chlorine
odor” and slight discoloration. Most symptoms should lessen after the first week and do not affect
the safety of the water supply.

Questions may be directed to the Water Treatment Plant at (903) 457-3190.

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