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Large Drug Bust Made at Kilgore Trap House

by Hunt County Theft Reports


On June 9th, the Kilgore Police Department received a tip about drugs being at a trap house (location where drugs are stored) just outside of Kilgore.

KPD along with members of the Gregg County Sheriff’s OfficeLongview Police DepartmentTexas Department of Public Safety, and Office of the Governor Greg Abbott‘s Texas Anti-Gang Task Force (TAG) conducted a search warrant at 322 Parkwood Street, which is just west of the city.

During a search of the premise, Investigators found a large amount of drugs and money. A treasure trove of other evidence linking this organized group to their operations was also found. Drug traps were built in the floor to hide their product. The THC-infused (psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) candies are often marketed to our youth.

The drugs discovered are as follows:

1) Cocaine products (powder and crack) – approx. 88.277g and 45.485g
2) Hydrocodone – 21.5 tablets
3) Two bottles of Promethazine syrup (Street name is lean)
4) Marijuana – approx. 66 lbs.
(Items 5 through 8 are candies infused with THC)
5) Nerds Ropes – approx. 311 ounces
6) Grape Stone Patch Gummies – approx. 955 grams
7) Cherry Stone Patch Gummies – approx. 778 grams
8) Bodega candy – approx. 833 grams

The following individuals were arrested at the scene:
Jeremy Townlin, 28, of Kilgore
Brodrick Thomas, 30, of Kilgore
Patrick Toliver, 28, of Longview

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