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Suspect Goes Over 100 MPH on Service Road During Greenville Pursuit

by Hunt County Theft Reports


Late Friday evening, DPS units got in a pursuit with a vehicle on I-30EB, around the Caddo Mills area. Hunt County and Greenville PD were made aware of the pursuit, which was headed towards the Greenville City limits.
Several officers were with the pursuit when the suspect took exit 92 off of I-30EB hitting the service road at speeds around 100 MPH. The vehicle crossed over Moulton Street turning into the Express Inn & Suites parking lot.
Once the vehicle stopped, the driver bailed out of the vehicle running into the motel. As more officers were arriving, they noticed a male subject run out the back door, East towards the neighboring motel. Officers pursued the runner, eventually catching up and detaining the male subject.
After further investigation officers, realized the subject that ran out of the back door was not the driver of the vehicle. The runner was going to be a reported runaway, and thought officers were there to get him.
At this time it is unknown why, but the runaway attempted to flee from officers on foot while he was detained. Officers were able to tackle the subject and get him detained once again.
Throughout the investigation officers learned the driver of the pursuit vehicle was possibly in a motel room, as the pursuit suspects family runs the motel. The driver of the vehicle eventually turned himself into on scene officers.
Unknown at this time why the suspect failed to stop for officers. The reported runaway was turned back over to parents at the scene.

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