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Reckless Driver Crashes on I-30 Monday Afternoon

by Hunt County Theft Reports


DPS dispatch received several calls Monday afternoon of a vehicle driving reckless on I-30 Eastbound near the Pilot Truck Stop. Reports from several callers, was the vehicle was passing in an unsafe manner, also passing on the shoulder at high speeds.

Before officers could intercept the vehicle, it wrecked out, rolling and coming to a stop on its side. A Hunt County officer rolled up on the accident and was the first one to make scene. He advised that the vehicle was going to be on its side.

Hunt County EMS along with Caddo Mills Rescue and Cash Rescue responded to the scene. Once on scene they advised there would be an extended extrication. All departments worked very hard to free the victim from the rolled over vehicle.

The victim of the wrecked vehicle was transferred over to a Hunt County AMR ambulance, eventually put onto AirEvac 67 (Medical Helicopter) Which had landed on I-30 to transport the patient.

DPS was investigating the accident upon our departure. The victim was transported to a Dallas area hospital in an unknown condition.

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