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Local Man Arrested For Shooting At Subjects Over A Cow

by Hunt County Theft Reports

911 Call Below


On Tuesday 4/28/2020 around 7:50 PM Hunt County Dispatch received a call from a subject advising he had a cow on his property, and had it pinned up. He explained to dispatch that he was sick of the cow getting onto his property and was threatening to shoot the cow. Hunt County dispatch advised the caller to let an officer come out and get it handled.

Minutes later Dispatch got a call from the owners of the cow, advising that they were on location and the subject had now shot a gun into the air. With dispatch still on the phone with the owners of the cow, they advised dispatch that the subject had now shot the gun in their direction and bullets were flying by them.

Dispatch sent several officers to the 300 block of CR 1009 towards the Wolfe City area. Upon arrival officers were able to successfully take 73 year old Franke Lee Malone into custody.

Franke Lee Malone is being held in the Hunt County Detention Center on 2 charges of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON

Aggravated assault is a second degree felony, punishable upon conviction with a maximum sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison and an optional fine up to $10,000.


Official Police Report Below

On April 28 th , 2020 at approximately 7:38 p.m. the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a
Disturbance with weapons in the 300 block of County Road 1009 as the result of an animal complaint.
Upon arrival on scene a handgun was located and secured and the suspect was identified as Frankie
Malone a 73 year old male who resides in Wolfe City, Texas. The initial investigation concluded that Mr.
Malone was upset about the neighbor’s cow getting onto his property and damaging his garden. Mr.
Malone created a temporary pin with barb wire to hold the cow until damages could be taken care of
and when the owner of the cow attempted to free it he discharged one round from the handgun into
the air. Mr. Malone allegedly also made threats to harm the two male subject who attempted to free
the cow.

Deputies interviewed all three persons individually and all statements were consistent including Mr.
Malone’s about the events that transpired. Mr. Malone was taken into custody without further incident
and charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and booked into the Hunt
County Detention Center.

Sheriff Meeks stated: “I am thankful that no one was injured in this incident. Because we are under a
Declared State of Emergency the offense of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon is enhanced to
the next highest level”.


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